One of Dem Days

Wow! what a day I had today trying to back up a super b with no previous experience to my credit.  The instructions to get to the job were very poor and twice I went down the wrong road and had to back up with a full load of steel rig matts on both trailers.  The first time took me over forty five minutes to back up five hundred feet to the turn off that I missed.  I almost had a jammer I was so stressed.  The second time I found the site alright, but had to turn around to get unloaded.  Somewhere in the turn I tore off the power cord to the trailer and broke the glad hand off the trailer.  After I replaced the glad hand and got unloaded, I headed into town and purchased a new power cord for forty six bucks.  I then headed back to Nisku to load again.  This time I did alright backing up in the yard as I realized that I must turn the wheel slowly and in small increments to be effective.  Once you over compensate, you need a lot of room for the tractor to get control of the rear trailer (for me anyways).  Will have to talk to a couple of trucker buddies to get some more insight in backing these babies up.  Thank god I only have to do this for five more days then it’s back to my fifty three foot step deck (yeah!!). Making awesome money though hauling these steel rig matts.

So far the starter has been working flawlessly, knock wood. Sometimes you get lucky huh.  Haven’t seen any accidents today on the roads so I guess everyone is taking it easy for a change.  Talk to you later.

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