Electrical Issues

Well the other morning at 4:30 I awoke to minus 3 degree temperatures and decided to fire up the tractor to get a little heat going in the cab.  Much to my dismay my old nemisis reared its ugly head and the engine wouldn’t turn over.  Must of turned the key on and off over a hundred times until my thumb became raw, but it wouldn’t kick in.  The same symptoms as before, the dash lights all were bright and the heater fan was working great but no starter action not even a click.  To top it off my air had disappeared from the air tanks and I eventually had to get another tractor to air me up and then disconnect from the trailer and pull start the tractor.  It fired right up of course when pulled so I delivered my load of steel rig matts and then headed for Edmonton to Peterbilt to get this fixed once and for all.  So far, I’ve spent just over $1800 to try and fix this issue so you can imagine my frustration.  With winter fast approaching and more work in northern Alberta for a couple of weeks or more, I don’t want to be found one morning a frozen corpse in my sleeper.  Not to mention the lost revenue from missing a trip or two while the thing gets resolved.  I’m starting to lean towards looking at the new Volvos in a year and a half when I will be buying something new as I’ve heard nothing but good reviews from other drivers.  I’m definately not impressed with Peterbilt thus far. Talk to you later.

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