Still a givin er

Well so far my pete is starting every morning after being in the shop one more time to try and resolve the starting issues.  (spent over 2k so far) I’m still in northern Alberta hauling steel rig mats.  Looks like I’ll be here awhile as I may be hauling them back to where they came from when done with them.  Still no snow yet although it has been colder and looks like it may be any day now.  Been lucky with sun shine and no rain to speak of which is a good thing as the place is going to be a mud hole when or if it does rain before freeze up.   Hopefully I’ll get to go back to Vancouver Island to turn on the heat in my trailer before winter sets in or I may have to rely on a good friend once again to do this for me.  Sitting in Whitecourt Alberta right now typing this.  Small towns in Alberta are strange as there is never any place to eat after 10 pm like there is in BC.  Unfortunately, I very seldom arrive before 10 pm so I am eating a lot of junk food. Never have time during the day, although I may force the issue so I don’t end up starving to death.  Will cost me a trip however and that’s not good.  Can’t make any money by loosing trips to other lease operators on the same job.  Talk to you later.

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