The Frustration Continues

Went to start my pete the other day and voila, the damn thing wouldn’t start again until I turned the key on and off a couple of times.  I swear I’ve about had enough of spending money on this without it getting resolved.  I have another appointment with Peterbilt in Edmonton this weekend.  Still hauling steel rig matts into northern Alberta and it looks like I will be doing it for another week anyways.  Making good money so I don’t mind.  Other than the starting issues, the truck seems to be working just fine. 

Drivers in Alberta are pretty much brain dead in my opinion as I constantly get four wheelers neglecting to dim their headlights or dummy those new fog lights on most newer vehicles.  I even have them passing me on double solid lines on hills.  I am willing to bet that most of them are impaired in some way.  No wonder accidents are happening and people are dying.  Too bad that truckers are getting a bad rap over it though.  As far as I’m concerned most of these morons deserve to die when they drive the way they do.  I hope that the Albertan authorities get a handle on it soon or more innocent people will be affected. 

See you later.

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