Thanksgiving Time Off

I’m spending the Thanksgiving weekend in Edmonton at the Super 8 Motel.  My truck is in Peterbilt once again to get a much needed service and hopefully to end my starting issues.  The best thing about the whole thing is that I’ll be able to watch my favorite sport at my favorite track namely the Nascar event at the Talledega Speedway. Hopefully one of these days Nascar will build a track in Alberta or BC as they’ve talked about it on my sirius satellite radio in the past. 

I had a bit of a nasty incident the other night in Thorhild Alberta, where a four wheeler came up behind me with his lights on high beam and wouldn’t dim them.  I turned on my load lights and he would dim them until I turned them off at which time he would hit me with his high beams again and get closer to the back end of my trailer. I put up with this for a few kilometers and then hit my brakes to make my point.  He then passed me and hit his brakes and sped up again before I hit him.  He would slow down in front of me to slow me down and then speed up again when I got to close.  I was finally able to resolve this idiots game when another fellow trucker caught on to what was happening and passed both of us when the moron slowed me down again.  We then put him in a sandwhich which spooked him I guess as he sped off never to be seen again.  I thanked my new friend and we talked about the difficulties truckers face on the roads in Alberta for a while and went our separate ways.  I cannot wait to get back to hauling in BC where there is a lot more respect for truckers by other motorists on the highways.  Not sure why Albertans hate truckers so much, but it is obvious to me that they do. Other truckers have confirmed this with similar stories as mine.  Oh well, what can you do?  Not going to let it ruin my life for sure.  See you later.

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