Finally Getting Things Rollin

Well I’ve been working now for just about three weeks straight and will get a week off this Thursday.  I will then have to put my truck in the shop to get it serviced and a good check up to see how much damage the rough gravel/mud roads up here have caused.  The work itself is not that hard except for dragging the hose around through the mud and chaining up once in a while.  From what I gather I haven’t seen the worst of the mud yet so I’ll see how I feel in a couple of weeks or so.  Driving on the roads can be quite challenging especially when meeting another tanker coming the opposite way.  We both have to slow right down and move over into the soft stuff where if you are not careful you can slide off the road and have to get pulled out.  The rule of the day is to take your time and not get over too far to one side even when another driver won’t give you room.  Working nights has been challenging also as I haven’t had to do it in over 20 years or more and my body took a while to adjust.  I’m still not sleeping well on some days but I get through it.  I’ve added a couple of pictures below of my truck before and after the mud.  Also a video (click on the link) of me unloading at the battery during the morning hours.  Video is 4 mb so may take a while to upload depending on your server.  Bye for now. Wabasca Crude Oil Hauling wabasca alberta truck and tanker wabasca alberta crude oil hauling

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