Time Just Flies By

Well after working three weeks of nights I finally got one week off and well it’s almost over.  Drove to Red Deer and spent it with my sister and her two boys.  Also got to get my truck into Peterbilt for a check up and full service and was happy to find out that the ole girl handled the rough treatment very well.  Only had to change all the shocks (my choice), blow the dust and crud out of the rad and air to air and put two new steer tires on the front.  I fixed a few small things myself like broken brackets, lights and loose wires etc while the sun was shining.

One more full day off and then I drive back to Wabasca for another two weeks of hauling crude oil before getting one more week off.  This time around I expect to have to deal with a lot more mud and dusty roads etc.  The weather is supposed to be warm for the next week or so which means it will be sloppy.  I will probably fly home on my next time off to put out some fires there that I’ve ignored.  It will give me a chance to catch up on some website and server issues that I’ve been procrastinating over as well.   Bye for now.

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