Freezing Rain Carnage

Hauled a load with a pump jack to Lampman Sask, and then up to Regina to load 2 steel coils for delivery to Calgary.  From Calgary I loaded crushed cars to deliver to Richmond, BC.  In Richmond, I loaded some wooden crates with valves inside for the oil patch to be delivered to Edmonton.  Along the way I ran into some freezing rain between Blue River and Valmount.  I also ran into freezing rain inside Mount Robson Park.  There I heard of a major accident on the radio and decided to pull over and get some sleep.  When I awoke in the morning they were still cleaning up the accident (see photos) so I got stuck in a line up of big trucks waiting for the okay to move on.  We were made to chain up for 20 km to help break up the ice on the road.  This was a first for me but you gotta do what you gotta do.   After removing my chains I continued on into Hinton where the scale was open and I was held up for two hours while they did an inspection on my rig.  Because of some air fresheners hanging from my sun visor they decided to call in the RCMP to search my truck and load for drugs or weapons.  After leaving with clean bill of health I continued on to Edmonton and unloaded the crates.  I then drove to Nisku to load another pump jack to be delivered to Mission, BC.  First time I’ve hauled a pump jack to BC instead of to Alberta.  Bye for now.

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