Yay the holidays are over!!!

Finally got through the holidays which aren’t my favorite time of the year.  Too much money spent and not enough earned.  I didn’t do much after spending Christmas with my sister and her two boys but sit in Abbottsford.  Got to take a load of pump jacks for an oil well to Lampman, Sask.  From there I loaded two stainless coils (48k) from Regina and delivered them to Calgary, AB.  Then I had the pleasure (not) of loading crushed cars from Calgary to deliver to Richmond.  I’m sitting in Kamloops as we speak getting ready to head for the lower mainland where I’ll have to reset my log before delivery on Monday.  The rates are sure taking a beating it seems these days.   Definately not much money to be made in hauling decks these days.  May as well be a company driver as the money is about the same now.  Might look at hauling vans or new cars, not sure yet though.  Depends on how long this set back with the rates continues.  By for now.

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