Hauling Lowbeds

Just finished hauling a sissor neck and fixed neck lowbed to Edmonton Alberta from Langley, BC.  Roads were good and weather was normal for winter.  Temperatures were very cold in Alberta (-15 Celcius) and also cold in BC (-4 to -7 Celcius) had to run the truck to stay warm while I slept in Kamloops, BC.  Once I arrived in Edmonton, I hooked onto a trailer that was preloaded with two 1 ton GMCs from last week ( I dropped off) and headed back to Penticton, BC.  Along the way it snowed from Edmonton to Wildwood Alberta and I ran into a snow storm just outside of Hinton, Alberta where I spent the night.  The next day I also drove through a snow storm between Valemount, BC and Avola, BC.  Arrived in Penticton later that day and it was starting to snow there also.  Had to spend the night and unload in the morning.  After that I will be heading to Kelowna, BC to load for Fort McMurray, Alberta.  Bye for now.

    following a loaded logging truck during a snow storm in Blue River BC Canada

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