Running on Empty

Left Edmonton with a load of foam destined for Surrey, British Columbia.  Along the way I ran into a good snow storm between Seba Beach, Alberta and Edson, Alberta.  Could only see a few feet in front of you so I slowed down quite a bit in case someone was stalled in the lane I would have a chance to stop without hitting them.  Once I got past Edson the weather was very cold but clear with bare roads all the way to BC.  Stopped in Hinton to get a refund on one of the three starters I’ve put in my truck since June.  Renewed my faith in Napa somewhat as they gave me a full refund after bench testing it to confirm it was indeed hooped. 

Because of the cold weather (-5 to -15 celcius) I left my truck running for a couple of nights and was shocked at the amount of fuel I burned by the time I got to the lower mainland.  Guess I’ll be doing some research into some alternatives for sleeping at night in Alberta and BC as it can get into the minus 40+ range on some occasions.  Was looking at something called the rig master with great interest, however it is quite expensive.  Will have to crunch some numbers to see how much I’ll save over time.  I’m sure the savings are there, but it is hard to part with that much cash up front when anything can go wrong with your truck in this business.  Oh well, have to bite the bullet I guess. 

I’m pretty impressed with my new Sony DSC H9 digital camera (see photo) I took a shot through my windshield while travelling through Jasper National Park and except for the dirty windshield it looks real good.  Bye for now.

sunset image through windshield of peterbilt

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