Lazy Road Crew or ???

I have to wonder why the Coquihalla from Hope to Merritt is so bad (especially since I plowed and sanded/salted roads myself for over five years) when the temp is hovering around 0 to plus one degrees celcius.  Salt can be applied up to -2 degrees celcius so there was lots of room to wiggle on this one.  All they had to do is salt the be jesus out of the compact and use the blades to remove it or at least take it down to a thinner layer that the traffic could remove over time.  Oh well must be a money thing.  The same thing can be said from Blue River to Valemount also as the compact there could be removed even easier as the traffic is not as heavy so it wouldn’t blow off the material before it has a chance to do its job.  I realize it isn’t as cut and dried as I make it out, but it can be done with the right amount of manpower and dollars.  Maybe we should go back to having the government take over the role, at least the taxpayer will be getting his/her moneys worth. My two cents…

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