Same Ole Stuff…Different Day

Happy New Year everyone!  Finally got to start on my way to deliver the load that got left behind in December.  No problems other than the road conditions over the Coquihalla and the trip went well.  Once I unloaded in Acheson, I headed down to Calgary to pick up a 70′ load of steel roof trusses to deliver to Burnaby.  That adventure didn’t go as easy as the trip out to Alberta however.  I ran into a snow storm from Field, B.C. to Revelstoke, B.C. and it was a white out.  She was slow going for a few hours and I ended up spending the night at Salmon Arm, B.C.  On my way back over the Coquihalla I came accross two accidents involving four wheelers (see photo), one was a four wheel drive pickup upside down in the median and the other was a one ton dura max with a trailer on it’s side in the hammer lane.  As I arrived on scene for the dura max, there was a crowd trying to get the driver out of his crumbled truck.  I learned later on the radio that he was alright and that they had to put out a fire as well.  Bye for now.

overturned dura max with trailer

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