Nothing Special

I haven’t been anywhere special just doing local stuff like Chilliwack, North Vancouver and Abbottsford.  I have been to Kamloops and back twice however.  Asphalt plant is right beside the Thompson River.  Gotta wonder who made that call as one spill could cause major issues with a premier fish bearing watershed.  At least I know I will be paying attention so I’m not the one doing the spill let me tell you.

It looks like I will be going to Sechelt again on Saturday and I had the option to return there on Sunday but I’m out of days on Saturday and will have to reset.  Guess I’ll have to borrow the company truck and go do some laundry as the bunk is starting to stink me out.

Looks like the weather is changing on Sunday also so I guess the work will slow down a bit.  Maybe I’ll put my truck in the shop and get the MVI done now instead of waiting for the end of the month when it expires.  Sure as shit it will be hot again at the end of the month and I’ll loose work if it is in the shop then.   Sorry no photos.  Bye for now.

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