Marvin the Marmot

On Thursday I had to run a load of magnesium chloride to  100 Mile House to the yard of Interior Roads and fill up their tank.  It was nice to get to drive a distance for a change instead of the regular short hauls I’ve been doing.  Lately I’ve been hauling back and forth from Kamloops to Abbottsford and the odd run to Sechelt.

As I pulled up to the locked gate at Interior Roads, a movement caught my eye to my right.  I glanced over and saw a little marmot sitting on the curb sunning him or herself and staring nervously at me in my truck.  When I set the air brake the marmot stood up on his/her hind legs not sure what to make of me I assume and then when he/she felt comfortable he/she went back to sun bathing.  I’m no expert in sexing a marmot hence the reference to he/she.

The supervisor showed up and let me in the gate to unload the product and while I was waiting to change tanks I told him about the little marmot guarding the gate.  He laughed and said the guys call him Marvin and no they don’t know whether Marvin is a guy or a girl but being men they stuck to their male ways and called him Marvin.  Apparently there used to be a lot of marmots in the area but a long while back the badgers moved in and all the marmots disappeared.  Lately the badgers have moved on and the marmots have moved back in to their domain.  The supervisor said he’s not sure if it was Marvin or not but one day he went into his office and there was a marmot sitting on his chair like he owned the place.  As soon as he caught sight of the supervisor he bolted for the outside like any loyal or nervous employee would do after being caught in the bosses chair.

I finished unloading all the tanks of magnesium chloride on my trailer and put away the pump and hoses then proceeded to leave the yard.  On the way out the gate I nodded at Marvin who stood up on his hind legs again to watch my departure.  As I came to the end of the street and started to make my left turn onto the main street I noticed the street sign for the road which Marvin resides on.  It was called “Marmot Drive”.  How appropriate I thought, no wonder he was so suspicious of me…back off badgers.

Bye for now.

a marmot in 100 Mile House BC

marvin the marmot

marmot from 100 mile house british columbia canada

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  1. angie Says:

    Great story! I’m going to read it to Rayne and Justice.. I’ve never seen a marmot, are they the size of a rabbit? Love this story Paul!

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