The Lillooet Test

Put my truck in the shop last Tuesday to fix an issue with the power and the engine not sounding smooth under a load.  The mechanic that I use set my valves, added a resistor, spacers to the waste gate on my turbo and changed the codes in the brain box to see if I could get more power and smooth out the roughness in the sound of the engine for me.  

My first load was to Lillooet which is a good test as there are some very steep hills to climb between Lytton and Lillooet.  I definately have more power and gained one full gear climbing the hills also I went from 27 lbs on my turbo boost to 33 lbs, but the roughness is still there from 15-17 hundred rpms when under a load.  Almost sounds like a miss or an exhaust leak but there are no exhaust leaks that I can find.  If I can get the engine to purr like before I’m sure it will be better than it ever has been with the new power.

Hauled a load of magnesium chloride to a place called Apple Creek about 24 km west of Lillooet.  There the spray truck pumped off the tanks on the pup and I took some photos while waiting for the spray truck to return to pump off the rest of my load.  Sounds like I’ll be coming up here more often next week as the supervisor tells me they’ve ordered more loads for next week.  Apparently they’ve budgeted for more loads this year than last.  Bye for now.

Magnesium Chloride Truck at Apple Creek BC

Logging truck winding along gravel road near Lillooet, BC

Pine tree against a blue clouded sky near Lillooet BC

Old plough in a field near Apple Creek BC

Old farm houses near Apple Creek BC Canada

Reflection from peterbilt trucks front wheel


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  1. admin Says:

    If you look closely at the second picture you will see a loaded logging truck winding it’s way down the gravel road towards me heading to the log sort.

  2. angie Says:

    Paul we’ve been on some steep hills, out that away on paved roads in a car, it would be pretty scary on logging roads in your big rig. I love that country side. You took some cool shots. My favorite though is not nature shots, this time, pretty as they may be…… but it’ that????(hubcap) reflection? shot you took!! I want a copy please it is fabulous! I’ll have to get Mike to help me figure out exactly what it is and why it is such a crystal clear reflection. I can barely make out the logging truck winding down towards you, though searching for it helps to get the feel of that logging road. Hope you’ve worked out the roughness problem with the truck?

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