Roberts Bank Coal Dust

Took a load of magnesium chloride to Roberts Bank out by the Tsawassen Ferry Terminal so they could spray it to keep the dust down.  And there was a lot of coal dust let me tell ya.  Had a bit of an issue with security when trying to drive onto the site without a port pass but once I made a phone call it all got sorted out.  While parked in the coal pit (for lack of a better term) a huge crane came rolling along to scoop some coal off a pile that was behind my truck (see photos).  Unbelievable the shear size of it as it moved along towards the pile at a snails pace.  Once there it would move back and forth scooping up coal with its ferris wheel like scoops at the end of the tower.  Fascinating to watch for sure.  Bye for now.

roberts bank coal crane

Roberts Bank Coal Crane

coal crane and peterbilt at roberts bank.

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