Still Trucking On

Well lately I’ve been hauling a few loads of new lowbeds along with the boosters and jeeps that go with them to Edmonton, Alberta.  The weather has been nice in Alberta with the exception of a couple days of rain here and there.  The traffic has been a nightmare especially in Jasper National Park where tourists insist on stopping in the road to view and photograph wildlife instead of pulling onto the shoulder.  This makes it dangerous for truckers and for four wheelers travelling through the park. 

I had to have some work done on my truck as the trailer brake lights weren’t working.  The cause was a cluster fu….. of wires going from the plug to the frame and back to the firewall.  Reminded me of the issues I seen on my boat due to corrosion from saltwater.  Some of the wires were split with green powder inside instead of copper wire.  Had it rewired and it works okay now.  Also replaced all eight of my drive tires with new ones as the old ones were getting bad.  The two goofs who changed them over made my day worse though as they were in a hurry to get through the day and were angry that I showed up an hour before quitting time.  I saw them abusing my rims (braking the beads on concrete instead of the rubber mat) and braking my lug nut covers when they removed them, so I complained to management and got the change over for free.  I won’t be spending any more money there no matter what they did to compensate me.  Sitting for a couple of days to reset my log book and then I’m off to Calgary, Alberta and then to Edmonton from there.  Talk to you later.

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