The Killer Highway

Well its been a while since I’ve had to travel the Trans Canada Highway between Kamloops, BC. and Calgary, Alberta.  Even though the traffic was moderate on this long weekend, I had no issues to contend with.  Partly because I left on Sunday afternoon to try and mitigate this.  Also there were quite a few radar traps along the way pulling over speeders.  Took eight big loader tires without rims to Calgary and then had to head to Edmonton to drop off a small utility trailer and a double axle step deck trailer.  I also had a small wooden crate with some stainless steel tubing to drop off in Edmonton as well.  The weather was hot all the way there and on the way back I had a small travel trailer on board for delivery in Victoria, B.C.  Took some ribbing along the way for my “heavy” load (ha, ha).  Don’t matter to me as we get paid a good minimum rate for a rounder just for this reason.  Had to get the cross member by my fifth wheel welded as there was a six inch crack in it.  Sounds like I’m off to Fort Nelson, B.C. after this.  Another place I haven’t been for a couple of years.  Bye for now.

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