Big Weight

Loaded a gravel screening plant and headed for Fort Nelson. This was a heavy load and I had to get an overweight permit to haul it.  When I got to Dawson Creek I got held up a while for a grass fire (see photo).  The trip went off without a hitch and the weather was good until I left Fort Saint John where the skies got dark and I experienced some wicked lightening storms.  When I got close to where I had to unload outside of Fort Nelson, I came accross a vacuum truck on its side (see photos).  Looks like he was probably going too fast for road conditions as there was a lot of gravel trucks using the road also.  Spent some time in Fort Nelson at a truck stop while I reset my log book and by the time I started for home it was raining pretty good.  Heavy rains all the way to Cache Creek and then in the morning the sun came out again for the rest of the way home.  Bye for now.

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