Turn and Burn

After arriving in the yard I had a brief layover and then had to load a couple of lowbeds for delivery to Edmonton.  Again the weather was great all the way.  After unloading the lowbeds, I headed to Fort Sask, Alberta and loaded some rebar for delivery to Revelstoke, BC.  Apparently the wrong rebar was shipped originally and I had to get this load there asap.  It was a light load and I made good time.  Delivery was to the Columbia River Dam (see photos) which was pretty cool I thought. After that I had to go to Kelowna, BC and pick up another load of rebar to deliver back to Fort Sask, Alberta.  This load was heavier (57 k).  Ran out of hours for the day and spent the night in Golden, B.C.  There was a few pretty ladies walking around the town and I wish I had more time.    Delivered the next day in Fort Sask, and then headed for Edmonton to load some general freight.  After loading, I went to fuel up at Acheson and it was there that I ran into some trouble.  After fuelling I went to park my truck and the starter wouldn’t disengage and I had to disconnect the battery to shut it off.  I called Peterbilt the next morning and they sent out a service truck to fix it.  Replaced the ignition and a power block on the frame and it seemed to resolve the problem.  Figured I may as well reset my log book cycle and then head home.  Bye for now.

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