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Turn and Burn

Friday, August 15th, 2008

After arriving in the yard I had a brief layover and then had to load a couple of lowbeds for delivery to Edmonton.  Again the weather was great all the way.  After unloading the lowbeds, I headed to Fort Sask, Alberta and loaded some rebar for delivery to Revelstoke, BC.  Apparently the wrong rebar was shipped originally and I had to get this load there asap.  It was a light load and I made good time.  Delivery was to the Columbia River Dam (see photos) which was pretty cool I thought. After that I had to go to Kelowna, BC and pick up another load of rebar to deliver back to Fort Sask, Alberta.  This load was heavier (57 k).  Ran out of hours for the day and spent the night in Golden, B.C.  There was a few pretty ladies walking around the town and I wish I had more time.    Delivered the next day in Fort Sask, and then headed for Edmonton to load some general freight.  After loading, I went to fuel up at Acheson and it was there that I ran into some trouble.  After fuelling I went to park my truck and the starter wouldn’t disengage and I had to disconnect the battery to shut it off.  I called Peterbilt the next morning and they sent out a service truck to fix it.  Replaced the ignition and a power block on the frame and it seemed to resolve the problem.  Figured I may as well reset my log book cycle and then head home.  Bye for now.

Big Weight

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Loaded a gravel screening plant and headed for Fort Nelson. This was a heavy load and I had to get an overweight permit to haul it.  When I got to Dawson Creek I got held up a while for a grass fire (see photo).  The trip went off without a hitch and the weather was good until I left Fort Saint John where the skies got dark and I experienced some wicked lightening storms.  When I got close to where I had to unload outside of Fort Nelson, I came accross a vacuum truck on its side (see photos).  Looks like he was probably going too fast for road conditions as there was a lot of gravel trucks using the road also.  Spent some time in Fort Nelson at a truck stop while I reset my log book and by the time I started for home it was raining pretty good.  Heavy rains all the way to Cache Creek and then in the morning the sun came out again for the rest of the way home.  Bye for now.

The Killer Highway

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Well its been a while since I’ve had to travel the Trans Canada Highway between Kamloops, BC. and Calgary, Alberta.  Even though the traffic was moderate on this long weekend, I had no issues to contend with.  Partly because I left on Sunday afternoon to try and mitigate this.  Also there were quite a few radar traps along the way pulling over speeders.  Took eight big loader tires without rims to Calgary and then had to head to Edmonton to drop off a small utility trailer and a double axle step deck trailer.  I also had a small wooden crate with some stainless steel tubing to drop off in Edmonton as well.  The weather was hot all the way there and on the way back I had a small travel trailer on board for delivery in Victoria, B.C.  Took some ribbing along the way for my “heavy” load (ha, ha).  Don’t matter to me as we get paid a good minimum rate for a rounder just for this reason.  Had to get the cross member by my fifth wheel welded as there was a six inch crack in it.  Sounds like I’m off to Fort Nelson, B.C. after this.  Another place I haven’t been for a couple of years.  Bye for now.

Still Trucking On

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

Well lately I’ve been hauling a few loads of new lowbeds along with the boosters and jeeps that go with them to Edmonton, Alberta.  The weather has been nice in Alberta with the exception of a couple days of rain here and there.  The traffic has been a nightmare especially in Jasper National Park where tourists insist on stopping in the road to view and photograph wildlife instead of pulling onto the shoulder.  This makes it dangerous for truckers and for four wheelers travelling through the park. 

I had to have some work done on my truck as the trailer brake lights weren’t working.  The cause was a cluster fu….. of wires going from the plug to the frame and back to the firewall.  Reminded me of the issues I seen on my boat due to corrosion from saltwater.  Some of the wires were split with green powder inside instead of copper wire.  Had it rewired and it works okay now.  Also replaced all eight of my drive tires with new ones as the old ones were getting bad.  The two goofs who changed them over made my day worse though as they were in a hurry to get through the day and were angry that I showed up an hour before quitting time.  I saw them abusing my rims (braking the beads on concrete instead of the rubber mat) and braking my lug nut covers when they removed them, so I complained to management and got the change over for free.  I won’t be spending any more money there no matter what they did to compensate me.  Sitting for a couple of days to reset my log book and then I’m off to Calgary, Alberta and then to Edmonton from there.  Talk to you later.

End of an Era

Sunday, July 20th, 2008
Well I finally broke down and got my hair chopped off as it was getting to hot this summer with it being as long as it was.  Mind you I got butchered more than I cared to.  It seems you can never stop the hairdresser when they get an idea in their head about how to deal with ringlets and curls.  Everyone tells me I look a lot younger than before which I guess is a good thing although that is not why I cut it off.  Trucking has been good and busy which is a good thing.  There is sure a lot of morons out there driving our roads including some so called proffessional truck drivers (see photos) I might add. I’d like to see some stats to determine if accidents are up overall this year.  Weather has been different also (see photo) with not as much sunshine I’m sure.  Oh well take care. Bye for now.

Pipe Truck Accident

Pipe Truck Accident

Pipe Truck Accident

Two Rainbows

More Steel Plate

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Took some more steel plate to Edmonton, Alberta.  This was a 12′ wide load with a jeep and booster on top to add more revenue.  I had to have a pilot car take me to the Alberta border, where I carried on alone the rest of the way.  When we got to Mount Robson National Park we had to wait for over 20 minutes while the road crews cleaned up a slide (see photos) that came down the night before.  Stopped in Acheson, Alberta to fuel up and caught a nice sunset (see photo) on my camera.  After unloading the jeep and booster, I headed to unload the steel plate then headed to load some foam for the return trip home.  Along the way home I went through the slide again, but it was a little faster to get through this time (5-10 minutes).  It was raining and the crew were worried that more rock and mud may come down.  I took a photo of a rainbow that looked okay over the Thompson River outside of Clearwater, B.C.  No pot of gold however.   Talk to you later.

mud slide in mount robson national park 

mud slide in mount robson national park

mud slide in mount robson national park 

mud slide in mount robson national park

mud slide in mount robson national park 

sunset over a tanker truck in Acheson Alberta

rainbow over the thompson river outside of clearwater bc

Trans Canada Bound

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

Took a load of misc. construction equipment to Innisfail, Alberta and had to travel the dreaded Trans Canada highway which I dislike.  The trip went okay for a change and the weather was hot all the way.  After unloading in Innisfail I headed to Calgary the next day to load some scrap metal for delivery to Burnaby, B.C.  The weather in Calgary was very hot and I couldn’t wait to get home to the lower mainland where it was warm, but not hotter then the hubs of hell.  Talk to you later.

More Military Stuff

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Sorry for my lack of posting, but I just can’t find the energy to keep this up on a regular basis like before.  If you’ll bear with me I’ll try and post when I can in the future.  I went to Vancouver Island to load some military equipment for delivery to northern Alberta.  Along the way I came accross a serious head on collision (see photos) where a helicopter was called in to take victims to the hospital.  We had to wait for over 1 and a half hours before traffic moved again.  After unloading the military equipment, I headed to load some foam for delivery to Langford, B.C. on Vancouver Island again.  Everything went well.  Talk to you later.

head on collision in Avola BC

head on collision in Avola BC

head on collision in Avola BC 

head on collision in Avola BC

head on collision in Avola BC

Hauling the Plate

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

After a day off I took the wide load of steel plate and headed for Edmonton.  The trip was a good one and the weather cooperated for a change.  Even when I arrived in Edmonton the sun was shining and the temp was plus 11.  A far cry from the minus 10 and blowing snow the last time I was there.  After unloading the plate I had to turn and burn to Merritt, B.C. to hook onto another trailer loaded with steel plate that was dropped in the Husky truck stop after the truck hauling it broke an injector and had to be towed back to Vancouver (ouch!).  After catching my required sleep, I headed for Edmonton and dropped off the load then headed for Fort Sask, Alberta to load some foam for the trip home.  Will have to take 36 hours off to reset my cycle before hitting the road again.  Bye for now.

Steel Plate

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Spent a day hauling two loads of steel plate from North Vancouver back to our yard in Aldergrove for delivery at a later date.  Both loads were over 57,000 lbs and I had to adjust one back in the yard as I didn’t get it right the first time on my drives.  Still having difficulty with my load guage when I get up in the weights that are close to my max.  Thank god for self weighs or I’d be paying a lot of money to the government.  Bye for now.